We plan to travel around the area whilst we are with you on May but are wondering if certain areas will have a problem with snow - any advise please?

Many tourists think that the roads accessing Lillooet are difficult, thinking there are occasional road closures on the highway during the snow season.
As a resident of this place for many years, I personally know that highway 99 does not encounter much snow during the winter- in fact there are many sunny days all-year round, especially from December to March (our hotel parking area also has a snow removal service contract between the middle of November to March every year). Usually during March the snow removal service is seldom used because there is not much snow.

Highway 99 and Duffey Lake Road between Pemberton to Lillooet remains open all year round and are well maintained during the Winter season (snow is plowed everyday and is checked by the transport highway). I find my Winter drives from Duffey Lake Road to Whistler and Vancouver (sea to sky highway) quite delightful because of the beautiful scenery. I try to drive around noon because that is when the roads are most safe. I recommend equipping your car with snow chains, and bring a shovel during snowy weather as a precaution.

The road maintenance on the Sea to Sky Highway has always been excellent (I'm guessing they have enough budget for the road). This is based on my personal experience and opinion.
The month of May is of no concern for me in terms of snow, unless there is a sudden, extreme change in the environment.
You can always check the road conditions before your drives on www.drivebc.ca and clicking "BC Highway Cams".                                                                           
                                                                                                           -Hotel Manager-

*Driving to Vancouver : Always using Duffey Lake Road to sea to sky highway since over 6 years.
*How often: Twice a Month (During winter season)
*Distance: Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, 4 hours drive (270 km) from Lillooet.
*Speed:60-90km /hour
*Vehicle :SUV with all season tire.

Can I have someone to pay for my booking?
Yes, you can process the payment via a third party payment method. Please download and fill in the third party payment authorization form and fax it back to 1-888-256-9948 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us..

Is there a restaurant?
There is newelly open Cafe' in the hotel ."D'Oro Coffee Lounge"

Can pets stay?
Sorry, since so many people are allergic to animals, we cannot accept your pet.

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